fresh perspective. and a chance to win a spa weekend.

Renewing your mortgage is a chance to renew your finances, goals and dreams. We can help you make the most of it, no matter who you bank with. Fill out the form below to sign up for our Mortgage Renewal Chat and enter for a chance to win a weekend for two at
Sparkling Hill Resort.
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A fresh perspective

Renewing your mortgage isn’t just about signing up for another term. It’s not just about rate and convenience either. It’s actually a chance to make sure that your mortgage is still working hard to help you:

  • make the most of your current finances
  • save money in interest payments
  • become mortgage-free faster

Mortgage advice

We can help you determine if your mortgage is working for you or if you need a change. You don't need to have your current mortgage with us. We simply want to give you the confidence to:

  • choose the right lender
  • select a term that fits your goals
  • ensure that you are getting the best possible advice
After our conversation, you can decide on your own if we're the right fit for you.

All we really want to do is set you up for success and turn your mortgage renewal into an opportunity and a fresh start for your finances, goals and dreams.

A chance to win a 'renewal' weekend at Sparkling Hill Resort

When you sign up for a mortgage renewal chat with us, you will automatically get a chance to win a weekend for two at the beautiful Sparkling Hill Resort on Lake Okanagan. With a 40,000 sq ft state-of-the-art wellness facilities set in breathtaking scenery, Sparkling Hill Resort offers a spa renewal experience that is unprecedented in North America.